Art and decoration kit



The art and decoration kit includes 4 cotton cords, modular aluminum wire, 4 models and detailed explanations. This is to pass the wire inside the cords. Then, in a simple and intuitive way, the child will create 4 shapes with the cord and the modular wire. While having fun, he works fine motor skills, concentration and can develop his creativity.

The versatility of this kit makes it particularly attractive as it is an activity made up of unstructured materials with rope and wire. They can be combined with other materials to create more complex figures, giving free rein to the imagination and creativity.

Age: suitable from 6 years+

Composition: 4 cords 100% cotton aluminum wire packaging in recyclable and biodegradable cardboard

Size of the box: 22 x 22 x 7 cm

Standards: complies with the quality standards required by the European Union EN71 (1-2-3)

Manufacturing country: Spain

Did you know?

With our DIY activity kits, children work on creativity and imagination. They must be focused and patient throughout the activity. By playing they improve their fine motor skills and at the same time learn the basics of sewing. Step by step they are more and more autonomous and this will create and imagine new creations.

Our creative activities are accessible to all children without gender discrimination. We recommend this activity for girls and boys from 6 years old.