Knitting scarf kit: blue


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The blue knitting scarf kit will allow you to create beautiful and warm scarf.

Each kit contains a colored ball (100% acrylic), short knitting needles suitable for children, a yarn needle and detailed explanations with the basic stitches. Ideal for learning the first steps of knitting.

In addition, thanks to the repetitive gestures it requires, knitting develops patience and concentration. This manual activity develops motor skills and pride in the work accomplished!

Age: suitable from 8 years plus

Dimensions: 19 x 18 cm

Standards: complies with the quality standards required by the European Union EN71 (1-2-3)

Manufacturing country: Spain

Did you know?

With our creative hobby kits, children work on creativity and imagination. Children should be calm and focused as they guide their fingers through the slow, rhythmic process of making an object.

In addition, by playing they improve their fine motor skills and at the same time learn the basics of knitting.

On the other hand, this activity stimulates mathematical and logical intelligence. For example, children will determine the logical sequence of operations to be carried out, step by step; perform mathematical calculations for the dimensions of the final product, the amount of fabric or yarn needed, etc.

Little by little they are more and more autonomous and this will allow them to create and imagine new creations.

Knitting kit for children from 8 years old.