Quiet game that respects the learning pace of children

We claim for a return to a conscious playful activity. The values to which we are attached are simplicity, balance and a caring education.

In the game, you have to leave space to think, imagine, create, make mistakes and start over. We want to give them the opportunity to discover at their own pace and, little by little, to gain autonomy and responsibility.

Intergenerational game to share magical moments.

Knitting, sewing, embroidery are ancestral and lasting activities. This is the opportunity to spend unique and magical moments. Let us take advantage of these opportunities for the transmission of knowledge and these intergenerational pleasures.

Inclusive and non-discriminatory play.

The toy also represents a universe that participates in the education and development of the child. A child is by nature curious and enjoys exploring different terrains. This is why we offer gender-neutral and stereotypical articles. In addition, neutral toys offer more creativity to children. Encouraging a mix of toys means enriching the experience and potential of children, and teaching them respect and tolerance.